We offer SteriFuse DBM Putty and SteriFuse Crunch for purchase. More details on the individuals products can be found below. 



Made from 100% demineralized human bone- nothing added that may get in the way of bone healing. Osteoconductive- DBM provides an ideal scaffold that directs and supports bone formation. Osteoinductive- the osteoinductive potential of DBM is well established. Excellent handling charcteristics- will shape and conform to fill unique bony voids, retains shape and will not wash away. Easy Storage and Use- stored at room temperature and ready for immediate use, no prep time required. Sterile- gamma irradiated to SAL 10 (-6). Available in flowable, formable putty and crunch.



SteriFuse Crunch has all of the same features as the SteriFuse DBM putty with cortical cancellous bone chips. *size and measurements may vary